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We are always looking for people to come and work with us. At the moment we are particularly looking for:​

  • London based Registered Veterinary Nurses;

  • London based Registered Veterinary Surgeons;

  • A Veterinary Acupuncturist

  • Several student Vets (and Vet Nurses) who are willing to do house sitting.

If you do not identify with any of these job titles, but think you can add something to the team otherwise, please do get in touch!

Image by Henry & Co.

We are always looking for more people to add to team of "Autumn".


We are not asking for a whole lot of experience (although some might be useful), but rather a lust for learning on the job and from your peers. 


We see ourselves as paradigm-shifting in the veterinary care sector; because (as far as we know) this kind of holistic care for companion animals has not been realised before. 


We're also not sure what the future will hold, which is exciting and you can be part of it!

This means that we are not looking for people who want a 9-5 (although we don't exclude that offer for the future), but we are happy for you to combine your Bread & Butter work somewhere else with

ad-hoc Autumn Animals work. 

What we can offer is an exciting and dynamic learning environment, whilst doing the work that you chose this field for in the first place. 


We'll pay at least a Real London Living Wage and for (reasonable) travel costs (provided you travel by public transport, (e-) bike or (e-) scooter. We'll also offer sponsors to help you get settled in the job and talk through issues related to the work.


We value equity, diversity and inclusion on all fronts, from the make up of the team to the clients we work with.


Last, but not least, your carbon emissions (both professional and private) are being off set to make you Carbon Neutral.

If you are interested in having a chat, please contact us via

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