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Complementary Therapies

Autumn Animals offers a range of complementary therapies. We think that a holistic approach, combining therapies from the East and West, manual and physiological will aid your beloved friend in ageing well.

We will never advise to forego therapies with your primary veterinarian, these therapies are purely meant to supplement their prescriptions.

Image by Atanas Teodosiev

OSTEOPATHY is a gentle, non-intrusive and drug-free therapy based on the use of manual techniques for diagnosis and treatment aimed at preserving or restoring the physiological mobility of the various structures of the body which are all interconnected. 
​Our Osteopath Chelsea's
 work is based on the restoration of the body's homeostasis while maintaining respect of each individual she treats. To achieve this she uses various procedures including structural manipulations, myofascial therapy (think Yin Yoga for animals), visceral treatments and craniosacral techniques as well as stretches and exercises to bring comfort, ensuring the wellbeing of the animal.

ACUPUNCTURE is a Traditional Chinese Medicine using very fine, sterile needles, inserted into the body at certain set points. The goal of acupuncture is to release blockages in the body so that Chi (life force) can flow freely through the meridians or channels. Because this is a subtle therapy, albeit powerful, animals often fully relax and receive the treatment and end up in a state of peacefulness.

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