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Costs of Euthanasia

Euthanasia and After passing care can be as personalised as you'd like it to be. 

We work together with Dignity Pet Crematorium to offer a dignified and loving cremation that suits the individual needs of each family we support. The prices given on this page are just a few of the services that Dignity provides. Visit their website for more information and a look of their shop to see more option.


At home Euthanasia

Our standard price for an at home euthanasia is given below. 

This service includes a home visit by our Veterinarian and our End of Life Doula for a peaceful home euthanasia. We promise a respectful final handling of your companion animal and organise the body's after care. 

Our End of Life Doula will check in with you after the passing and you'll have access to one virtual session of our Pet Bereavement Talking Groups.

Finally, we'll plant a tree to commemorate your companion. 

The price applies to addresses within zones 1 and 2 and excludes the costs of after-passing body care such as transport to the crematorium, cremation and after-passing wishes. Home visits outside of zones 1 and 2 are subject to availability and travel time and expenses are added to the invoice.

Payment in instalments possible (£25 admin fee)

\ £399


Individual cremation

The individual cremation is the most chosen type of cremation. You can choose to have ashes returned in a scatter tube or urn. The cost of the cremation depends on the size of your pet.

\ £ 175 (cat)

£185 - £280 (dogs)

£65 - £160 (other smaller pets)


Scatter tube

Dignity offers a variety of urns, resins and jewellery to put ashes in. If you intend to scatter your pet's ashes in a special place, you can order the ashes to be returned in a simple, yet elegant biodegradable and recyclable scatter tube.

\ £10


Ashed returned

If you would like the ashes of your pet returned to you, Dignity will send them with a tracked courier.

\ £20


Pick up from our cooling storage 

There is the option to have your pet collected from your home on the same day as they are euthanised. This takes a bit of planning and is subject to availability. The easier, and more affordable option is for our team to bring your pet to be stored cool in our local clinic until the crematorium can pick them up (often the same day or next morning). Their body will always be transported in a special bed and respectfully handled by everyone involved.

\ £55


Communal cremation

Not everyone wishes their pet to be individually cremated, or can afford to do so. This is why Dignity also offers communal cremations. Your pet will receive the same excellent care and dignified departure as any other pet. Returning of the ashes won't be possible.

\ £115 - £160


Same day service

If you would like your pet to be cremated on the same day as their passing, you can opt in for a same day service. This needs to be booked in advance and is subject to availability of the crematorium. The additional charge for this service is given below.

\ £50


Attended service

If you would like your pet to be present when your pet goes into the cremator, e.g., for religious rituals, you can opt in for an attended service. This needs to be booked in advance and is subject to availability of the crematorium. The additional charge for this service is given below.

\ £70


Pet Bereavement Support Group

We offer regular Pet Bereavement Support Groups (online) where a community of pet lovers can come together to talk about and be listened to about their loss, their love and the impact of it all on their life. Tickets are free and we ask everybody to donate what they can. All fees will go to ensuring these support groups can continue to be organised. 

If your pet has been euthanised by us, one virtual session is included in the euthanasia price.

\ Donations welcome


Pet Bereavement Counselling

If you are in need of 1-to-1 counselling to deal with your loss our Pet Bereavement Therapist will be able to support you.

\ £100

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