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Pet Bereavement Support Group

Are you missing your best furry friend? And do you feel you can't talk to the people around you about how you're feeling? We've created a safe space for you to share your grief with others who are feeling the same.

End-of-life Doula for pets Sieske Valk will be hosting a regular Pet Grief Support Group session: It will be a safe space to talk about and listen to stories of pets, what they mean to us and how much their (impending) absence is affecting us in daily life.


As pet lovers, we'll all face that time where we have to say goodbye to our companions. If we're lucky, this comes after a long life, filled with joy, friendship, and happiness. But often, this loss comes with its own trauma. We feel society permits us a very limited number of days to feel sad and then we have to shrug it off and continue with our lives. Often, people don't seem to understand the emotional, but also physical pain we're feeling; the deep sadness of not having your loving pet around. And we feel we can only talk about our grief with a few people, and only for a short time span. Most of the time, we don't even get to take time off to deal with our loss, unlike when losing a human family member. But wasn't your pet a family member too?


This virtual session, organised by Autumn Animals, will create a community of pet lovers who can support each other through this very difficult part of life.

Whether you have lost an animal to death or they've gone missing. Whether you needed to give them up for adoption or are facing a chronic illness of your pet, this group is for you. We don't discriminate between species or the type of loss you are experiencing, we just want you to feel heard and supported.


What we ask from you: be respectful to others and let them finish their stories. Grief is very individual, so we need this to be a safe space for everybody.


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