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How it works

Step 1 - Send us a message and be as precise and thorough as possible with describing your companion animal's history, your needs for their care and worries.


Step 2 - We'll schedule in a short phone call to discuss what you've sent before and how we can help you.


Step 3 - If you'd like to go ahead, we'll schedule in a first in-person meeting with one of our team members at your home at a convenient time.

You'll also need to contact your vet to approve them to send us your furry friend's history which we will request once you give the go-ahead.


Step 4 - A member of our team will meet you at home to get to know you and your companion animal, your wants & wishes, to discuss possible environmental changes in your home that work in the best interest for your animal, a baseline Quality of Life Assessment and a possible care plan.


Step 5 - We will send you a thorough environmental assessment,  care plan and a contract. We will also send an invoice for services provided so far and a quote for future services needed. 


Step 6 - If you agree to go ahead with the care plan (or wish to tweak it, which is also fine!), we'll register you in our software system - or better yet, you can download the Digitail app and register with Autumn Animals yourself) through which we can communicate via chat and video-call and you can book appointments with your main care provider. We will also make sure your primary veterinarian is continually updated on the care plan, future care and progress.

Step 7 - We'll go from there!

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