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Mental Health

We take grief seriously. Whether it is grief about a human or a furry friend, grief = grief.

Our Approach

✔ You receive End of Life Doula support from the moment we meet until after your pet has passed away

✔ You will have access to one virtual Pet Bereavement Support Group if your pet has been euthanised by Autumn Animals

✔ Everybody who needs it has access to our regular digital and in-person Pet Bereavement Support Groups

✔ Our team of veterinary specialists can support you and your pet in your journey. But when you find you need just a bit more support, we have an amazing pet bereavement counsellor on board

✔ The nature of our work, working with hospice patients, their bereaved caregivers and performing regular euthanasia consults at home, means we get to experience a lot of difficult and emotional situations. That's why our team receives emotional support by professionals too.

✔ We have an ever expanding bank of free resources to support you and your pet in your journey

A word about grief

We understand that grief is not a linear process that happens after you lost a loved one to death. Grief can also be anticipatory (when you grieve the future loss of someone or something) and compounded (when one loss triggers the memory of another loss). On another note, loss does not only mean "loss by death". You can feel loss after a beloved animal physically got lost, moved out with your ex-partner or you had to put it up for adoption. We recognise that grief and loss are complex issues and we will approach every individual case with care.

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