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Our Story

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Autumn Animals is the result of a host of elderly animals stomping their way into the life of our founder Sieske Valk. Either by her own choice or accidentally, they all made a huge impact and sparked the fire of her love for the more "mature" companion animals.

After almost ten years of veterinary nursing in the Netherlands and five years of working in London as a professional medical pet carer, Sieske finally took the plunge in 2022 and set up the kind of hospice care company she would like to use by the time she would need it for her cat, Lewis.

Whilst serving London's pet community, Sieske noticed a lack of adequate and specialised home care and advice for senior pets and pets that are in their End-of-Life phase, which included consideration for their guardians as well. 


Autumn Animals strives to make sure pet guardians are supported in ensuring their best friend is comfortable and enjoys a good Quality-of-Life right until the end and that pet guardians can fully enjoy the time  they still have left together.

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