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Whether you're not sure if it's time for euthanasia or you'd like to discuss your pet's situation with our veterinarian and End-of-Life Doula, we can come to your home and discuss your personal situation with you and assess your pet. 

Some people find it comforting to book a hospice consultation with us and first get that "second opinion" before agreeing to euthanise their pet. 

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When the time finally arrives to say goodbye, we can come to your home to provide a gentle euthanasia for your pet. No stressful last ride to the clinic or crying under harsh lighting. Our team is trained to perform the euthanasia in a respectful way that allows you as much time with your beloved pet as possible. 

We offer payment in instalments with an additional admin fee of £25

* This price includes home euthanasia visits within zones 1-2 in London. A £50 added travel charge will be charged for zones 3-4.

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We can arrange your pet's cremation with Dignity Pet Crematorium (individual cremation with option to have ashes returned) or Final Care Pet Cremation (communal cremation, no ashes returned). The former has a wide range of options for after care. Therefor we suggest you visit their website before euthanasia to see what options are available and what feels right for your pet.

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During this 20-minute exploratory call, you’ll find out whether we can help you in supporting your pet through their ageing or End-of-Life journey.

Book your call HERE.

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During this 1.5-hour consult, we’ll find out all the things in your home and daily routine that might restrict your pet living life to the fullest. Just like humans, pets need adjusted homes when there are getting less mobile or are diagnosed with an illness.

Our quality-of-life expert for pets can take a (virtual) tour through your home and sit down with you to talk through everything that can easily be adjusted to give your pet a chance on an Indian Summer.

Think of it as occupational therapy for your pet.

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Sometimes you have some questions about your pet’s situation. And you don’t feel like bombarding the vet or the veterinary receptionist with a thousand and one questions. Or perhaps you don’t fully trust your primary vet and you just want to talk things through with someone who is experienced in veterinary care for ageing and terminally ill pets.

Maybe you're struggling with the question: How do I know it's the right time to say goodbye?

This is where I can help. I'll listen, sit with you and together we can work all of this out . 

This includes a 1-hour virtual consultation and a follow up check-in via WhatsApp.

Let's have a chat!

Want to know more and speak to an actual person?

Go to our Calendly page and schedule in a FREE Exploratory Call.

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