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We provide a host of services and are always expanding our offerings.

Please read How it Works if you're not sure what you need. We might still be able to help you or direct you to someone who can if you can't find what you need in this list.

For a more detailed overview of the costs of euthanasia, please visit the Euthanasia pages.


Discovery call

We always like to start with a free 20 minute introduction call; This is a perfect way for us to scope out your needs and how we can help and for you to see whether there's a 'click'. Book your call here.

\ Free


Quality of Life assessment

Not sure whether your pet is at the end of their life or whether they still have some time left? Or perhaps you are looking for a third person's opinion about your pet's health situation?

A digital or in person meeting with our Care Coordinator Sieske Valk will, together with you and the rest of the family, give you a good idea of how your pet is doing and what would be in their and your family's best interest going forward.

\ £50 (digital)

\ £75 (in person)


Environmental assessment

Is your pet struggling to walk around in their own home? Are they sleeping more than ever and engaging with the family and their friends less? Are you not sure whether they are in pain? Or are they having more accidents and stumbles around the house? The Environmental Assessment is one of the longest and most comprehensive consults we offer.

You'll receive a full assessment on what needs to be adjusted in the home, their routine and possibly their medication for your pet to live the rest of their life with the greatest Quality of Life.

We'll also communicate our suggestions to your primary veterinarian so that they can be included in the care plan going forward.

We ask you to reserve three hours for this in-person consultation and we need you to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire beforehand.

\ £300


At home euthanasia 

This service includes an in home visit by our Veterinarian and End of Life Doula for a peaceful home euthanasia. We promise a respectful final handling of your companion animal and organise the body's after care. 

Our End of Life Doula will check in with you after the passing and you'll have access to our Pet Bereavement Talking Groups.

Finally, we'll plant a tree to commemorate your companion. 

The price is subject to the time spent travelling to your home and excludes the costs of after-passing body care such as transport to the crematorium, cremation and after-passing wishes.

\ from £500


Nails & Fur session

Ideal for those who don't maintain their coat and nails like they used to. We clip nails and de-mat fur where needed (and within reason) in the safety of your home.

In the case of a heavily matted coat or a painful/aggressive patient, we'll need to refer to a professional groomer and/or veterinarian who can use sedation, to make sure your home remains a safe place.

\ £50


Blood pressure measurement

A thorough, yet relaxed blood pressure measurement done in the comfort of your home, with direct reporting to your primary veterinarian. Great for cats with hyperthyroidism or renal disease.

\ £50


Medical pet sitting

If you need a break and want someone to stay with your pet. We'll provide a DBS-checked, trained pet sitter to stay with your furry friend. You'll receive daily WhatsApp messages with updates and photos and the suspension of any needed medication is included. The pet sitter will have access to our team of registered veterinary nurses in case of doubt. This service is only available for registered Autumn Animal clients and is subject to availability.

\ £75

Let's have a chat!

Want to know more and speak to an actual person? Go to our Contact page and fill in the form. Please be as specific as possible and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Prefer to use WhatsApp? Go to our Home page and click the WhatsApp icon.

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