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We provide holistic End of Life care for your companion animal in the comfort of your own home. From that first diagnosis to the final goodbye, and the emotional times that follow, we will support you in this journey, so you don't feel alone and out of your depth.

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Our Story

Autumn Animals officially started as an elaborate scheme to ensure the best possible care for a very special feline friend, but it was a long time coming...

Sieske had been working in the veterinary and pet care sector for almost twenty years and time and again, she would always gravitate towards elderly companion animals.

End of Life Care and Bereavement Support

We want you to feel happiness and empowerment instead of sorrow or anger when looking back on a beautiful journey spent together with your companion animal.

Autumn Animals offers comfort and support during the autumn of your best friend's life.

Quality of Life 


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End of Life Doula Support

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What Other Pet Parents Say

Sies quickly became part of our family when we needed help with our loved Gina. She took such good care of her and us. She is splendid with animals and so knowledgeable. She was a life saver for us, helping us give meds and fluids to our sick cat. We can’t recommend her more.

Chiara & Stefano

Sieske simply exemplifies the gold standard of veterinary care. She was instrumental in bringing our cat Biscuit back to good health. She is considerate, tactful and friendly, always guided by the best interest of her patients. Always finding solutions and never afraid to face even the most challenging situations, Sieske's expertise and knowledge, coupled with her warmth and open heart make her the ideal carer. All our thanks will forever go to her for the invaluable contribution to saving Biscuit's life. Highly, highly recommended!


Sies from Autumn Animals helped us when our grumpy cat Millie, aged 14, was nearing the end of her life. We hadn't been through that experience before and were uncertain what to expect. Sies checked in on Millie, provided us with guidance and helped us make some simple changes that improved Millie's quality of life and our peace of mind. When Millie died, Sies provided us with support. It is still such a comfort to know that someone else cared about how Millie was feeling as she got older. We would recommend Sies highly and without reservation - she is simply brilliant.

Siobhan & Paul

Better than an animal caregiver, Sieske is the person you want by your side when things get rough and, having been the guardian to two cats with feline leukaemia, I experienced it first hand. [...] Sieske was also recently my end-of-life companion. When the day came to say goodbye to my beautiful Tiara, Sieske was also the one who heard me as I cried and tried to come to terms with the horrible decision I had to make. She was the one I turned to when, months after my heartbreak, I was struggling to cope with the pain. She sat with me and we talked it out, she told me about what resources are out there for pet parents grieving. How important that chat was to me, how much I appreciate all she's done for my kitties is something I'll never be able to express in words.

(read the full testimonial here)


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