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Home Euthanasia

Autumn Animals offers a range of services that help you to take care of your companion in the autumn of their life. But at one point, the time will come that you need to say goodbye. Most people prefer to have their animal pass away in the comfort of their own home, which is why we are offering at home euthanasia. But how does it actually work?

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The word Euthanasia is derived from Greek and literally means 'Good Death'.


In our view, a Good Death is one that comes at precisely the right time or if not then, a bit earlier, but never too late. We don't want you to end up sitting in the Emergency Vet's waiting room with an animal in distress as this would be a too traumatic and undignified ending for them and will leave you with a traumatising memory and regret. This is why we are strong advocates for talking about and organising an Euthanasia in advance, so that when the time comes, it is a peaceful process. One you can look back on and say you gave them the best care possible in life and in passing. 


When you contact us for an at home Euthanasia, we will find a day and time that is suitable for everyone involved. We will also need to take into account after passing care, but you can read more about that on the page that goes into that care.

If your pet is not taking Gabapentin as their standard pain relief or anti-anxiety medication, we will request a prescription from your primary vet to be given two hours before our at home consult. This will take off any edges that might arise in the lead up of the consult. Even if your pet is not normally anxious, they might pick up on any stress you might be feeling beforehand. 

The hospice veterinarian and an assistant (often our in-home End of Life Doula for emotional support), come to your home at the appointed day and time. The veterinarian will give your pet an exam and talk to you about her health situation. Before that time, we will have received the patient history from their primary veterinary surgeon, so you don’t have to worry about remembering all of their medical history.

We will then discuss the option of euthanasia, what it entails and whether the whole family (if applicable) agrees with the decision. When it is clear that euthanasia is the best step going forward, the veterinarian will have you sign a form that states you are the legal owner of the pet involved and agree with the procedure.


When you decide to go ahead with euthanasia, the veterinarian will try to insert an IV catheter in their paw, so that they can give the pet a sedative and your furry friend can fall asleep peacefully. After that, and when you are ready, the vet will give them the final injection that will stop their heart from working. 


Now comes the time to say your final goodbye. The veterinarian will leave shortly after your pet's passing, but the End of Life Doula can often stay around a bit longer to support you through your grief. If you have chosen for a cremation and your pet to be picked up from our clinic, we will put their body in a dignified and cosy body bag and arrange the crematorium pick up as soon as possible. They will take it from there. 

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