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Image by Andrew Kitchen


Autumn Animals is working hard to be Climate Positive by the end of 2025.


Our approach is backed by the Vet Sustain Greener Veterinary Checklist. Vet Sustain is a veterinary consultancy who advise veterinary practises on how to become more sustainable and climate responsible. 

Our Approach

We are planting one tree per patient we had to say goodbye to, via 1 Tree Cards

✔ Of course, we know that offsetting is not the solution to Climate Change. That is why we use reusable materials where possible and limit single use materials

✔ All our employees are incentivised to travel to Autumn Animals patients by (e-) bike, (e-) scooter or public transport. We encourage them to do so by paying for their travel expenses if they use one of these modes of transport

✔ We use an e-cargo bike to transport equipment and deceased pets after your pet's home euthanasia, meaning negligible carbon emissions

We encourage environmental stewardship in caregivers by advising them about the pros & cons of certain medication and insecticides, especially in the final stages of their animal's life

We are always looking for a more environmentally friendly way to provide after passing care, than cremation

✔ Autumn Animals is a paperless company

✔ And last but not least, our goal is to be climate positive by the end of 2025

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